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Our production includes a very wide range of items: over thirty types of fresh pasta with or without stuffing, pre-cooked food, ready meals, sauces, soups and the typical "Pesto alla Genovese".

We are present on the domestic and foreign markets, having obtained in May 1997 the EEC mark for the production of food is meat and fish, and we can provide a range of packaged items in the formats most appropriate to the various needs of our customers, always maintaining an excellent quality / price ratio.

What We Do

An extraordinari production of Fresh Pasta with or without stuffing but not only.....
.....we can provide a wide range of Sauces, but also a great vaiety of products as Pre-Cooked Food, Side Dishes, Cakes and much more.....

La Pasta Artigianale
"La pasta Artigianale" is not only the highest quality fresh pasta but also:
Cakes and Pre-Cooked food for catering, Sauces and much more ....
Il Pranzo è Servito
"Il Pranzo è Servito" is the line dedicated to bars, pubs, canteens etc. including both Ready Meals, Soups and Cakes, portioned and ready in 5 '.

Where We Are

Our manufacturing activity in frozen foods began in Rapallo (GE) in 1982 and later, requiring a larger space, in 2002 we moved our headquarters to Orero also in the province of Genoa.

Contact Us

By phone n°: (+39)0185/334.523
or with FAX n°: (+39)0185/334.977

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